Compact, transportable, stackable, flexible

Kleinfaltsilo schwarz Kaffee

We build your small folding silos for you:

  • according to the requirements of your bulk material
  • tailored to your spatial conditions
  • According to the requirements in the food sector
  • for problematic and difficult flowing bulk materials

Why small folding silos?

Variable size and design

  • We build your custom small folding silo according to the bulk material requirements.
  • You decide whether the silo should be equipped with rollers, stackable and/or transportable by forklift.

food safe

  • If necessary, materials for the manufacture of flexible parts in contact with the product are used for which certificates of conformity are available in accordance with (EU) No.10/2011, (EC) No.1935/2004 and FDA regulations. The steel structure can be coated with food grade paint.


  • In the case of particularly fine-grained bulk materials, the flexible parts in contact with the product can be made of materials that meet the requirements for conductivity in accordance with BGR 132, TRBS 2173.

heat insulating

  • The flexible material has very good thermal insulation properties compared with metallic materials. Condensation phenomena have not been observed so far.

exchangeable silo body

  • If a bulk material change requires the replacement of the silo body, or if the silo body is damaged, we can supply it as a spare part. The exchange of the silo body is possible without great effort.

Selection of material qualities

In order to select the correct material grade for the flexible parts of the silo, the following information on the installation conditions and the bulk material must be available:

  • Silo capacity
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Bulk density of the bulk material [kg/m³]
  • Grain size of the bulk material
  • Residual moisture of the bulk material
  • Estimation of the pourability of the bulk material
  • Food?
  • Hazard class
  • Ambient temperature
Kleinfaltsilo in weiß für Schüttgüter
Kleinfaltsilo in schwarz für Schüttgüter
Kleinfaltsilo in blau für Schüttgüter
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